Our Little Cutie Pie...

Dallin helped mommy decorate the Christmas Tree

He loves helping with the laundry

Thanks Grandma Robin for the Christmas bowls!

This was Dallin's first time looking for a Christmas Tree to chop down. He was pretty worn out near the end.

I love my little guy!!

Grandpa Rodd took Dallin for a ride at the warehouse.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome snow suit!

Playin' with cousin Indy

Dallin loves to chew on celery!

Dallin got a little tuckered out after his jumping exercises.

Dallin was a bumble bee for his first Halloween

Summer Fun!

It's been a great summer so far! Besides jumping in my jumper (which is my
favorite thing to do)...

... I've played with my cousins...

... I've had lots of fun boating in grandpa's boat...

... Smiling for a picture with mom and dad (don't worry, I didn't really ride with them)...

... Getting kisses from daddy at the lake...

... Hanging out with grandma and grandpa at the cabin...

... And swimming with mom and dad...

... What a fun summer it's been!!

Happy Half-Birthday!!

Dallin is 6 months old today!! We can't believe how fast he's growing. It's been awhile since we've last updated our blog, so here are some pics of our little guy if you haven't seen him lately! He's getting so big... What a stud!

Rebecca ran the 5k in the Teton Dam Marathon!

Dallin Laughing!

Memorial weekend at the cabin

Dallin's blessing and his 2 month mark