Merry Christmas... Last month!

It's been awhile since we've posted anything, so we're gonna play catch-up for the month of December...
This was our Christmas card this year. We only sent them out to parents and grandparents, so we thought we'd post it on our blog... We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year!!

Some studly poses from big D in front of our tree.

Trevor's parents took the fam on a Mexican Riviera cruise for Christmas! We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. It was awesome! Just what the doctor ordered. While packing for our trip, Dallin thought he'd try to help.

Here we are at the SLC airport waiting to board and fly to LA, California, where we get on the boat! This is Dallin's first plane ride! How exciting!! He did great, with the help of a little Benadryl :)

We were all SOOO excited as we were boarding the Carnival Splendor!!

It didn't take long for Dallin to make a friend. This kid seemed to find us where ever we were throughout the week and would help himself to the treats in Dallin's stroller tray :)

Hanging out on the deck with Grandma Cindy and Aunt Hailey.

We loved going to the shows at night with everyone!

Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta. Our family, along with the Websters and Jeppesons all took a crazy bus ride(the driver was all over the road!) to the Canopy Tours, this is where we rode on zip-lines through the trees. It was awesome and scary at the same time! We didn't think it would be a good idea to take Dallin, so Cindy waited at the bottom with him :)

If you look behind Trevor and Dallin there are two cute little monkeys. I've never seen Dallin freak out like he did when he saw them! He was crying so hard! Trevor just laughed. :)

Dallin was happy to see Mommy make it down safely.

Christmas Eve!
The next day we stopped at Mazatlan. Here we did a little bartering, stopped to take a picture with Santa Claus (this was Dallin's first time seeing Santa, I guess it's a good thing he won't remember what he looked like :) and then we went to the beach. This was also another first for Dallin. He loved the sand! So much that he tried to eat it several times!

Later that night when we got back to the boat we opened our Christmas jammies! Thanks Rodd and Cindy!! Dallin even got his own little get-up too!

Merry Christmas!!! Today we got off the Boat in Cabo San Lucas! We spent the afternoon at Lover's Beach. The waves here were amazing!! We just about lost Tyson, they were so big! The beach and the waves were picturesque... as you can see!

Rodd, Tyson and Trevor

Dallin's first Christmas!! One we'll always remember! (except for Dallin, but we'll show him pictures :)

Later that night we got ready to go to Christmas dinner. Dallin loved to see the towel animals our room service would make us every night.

Some delicious Christmas night festivities...

Isn't this amazing!! The fruit looked delicious, but we didn't want to touch it!

December 26th Today Trevor turned the big 2-5. We spent the day in luxory, as you can see he's wearing his robe :) His parent's treated us to a couple's massage that we thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you, Rodd and Cindy!! This was Trevor's first professional massage. Afterwards, we ate our favorite indian cuisine out on the deck. Yummy hummus and curry! What a GREAT Birthday! I love you, Trevor!

Trevor's Birthday dinner and cake...

Trevor's favorite part was when our servers put a napkin on his head and sang Happy Birthday! Haha! I think Dallin was a little weirded out by it :)

Goin' Home
Sad day... Although we look happy, we're actually very sad. We don't want to go home to zero degree weather!!

This was a great Christmas and an amazing first cruise for all three of us!! Thanks again, Rodd and Cindy!!
Wow... That was a long post.