Welcome to Paradise...

Trevor and I had the opportunity to share an amazing vacation to CANCUN MEXICO with our great pals, Pat and Ashley Sullenger. What a fun place to relax and get away! We made some memories that we'll never forget. Thanks for the great time guys!


Our hotel's amazing view!



An exciting night of competition!
Go Team Heavy! ;)



Our favorite part was the beautiful ocean.
We had a blast para-sailing and just playing in the waves.

Tulum was gorgeous!
I've never seen anything like it before.
Definitely worth the drive!  

It was a great night out on the town..
until it started pouring rain and we all got drenched.
That was all right though, it made it more exciting! 

We were all SO glad Pat knows how to speak spanish.
It made getting around a whole lot easier!
Gracias Patrico.

So one of the ladies that worked at our hotel asked Ashley and me how old 
we were because we supposedly looked 18.
Wow. 7 years off.
I'm still not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.  :)

We couldn't pass up couples pics.. after all, it was our last night there :(

Here's beautiful Ashley showing our favorite drinks..
All of us are going to miss having free mango pina coladas with banana brought to us!!
Yes.. that's right... FREE!
Doesn't get any better than that.
Besides the fact they were probably over 300 calories each. ehh.

Goodbye beautiful Mexico!
Same time next year.
or month.


Lindsey said...

looks like heaven!! so glad yall were all able to get away and have a little vacation!

Ashley Sullenger said...

So I need to get you the pictures we have as well. I'll get on it. Ha the 18 years old comment made me laugh. Hopefully we see you soon! I'm seriously ready to beat team Heavy in catch a coo :)

Josh & Kiri said...

sooo i need to call you... today. we have stories to trade. PS are you sure you had a baby once? I hope my stomach gets that flat after I have babies.

Misty Kesler said...

Look like you guys had an amazing time! Lets talk about how hot you are in a swimsuit :) Jealous

Mrs. JM said...

so this is weird. i was reading nienie and she referenced your friends blog (ashley sullenger) ~ my heart was heavy reading of their recent loss ~ i saw pics of their trip to cancun and then i saw you and i thought, "i know her." do you remember me? you trained me at apple fitness. you changed my life rebecca and i've wanted to find a way to say "thank you" for a very long time. somehow i found a passion for healthy living by working with you and i'm forever grateful for that experience. just thought i'd let you know.

emily moore

p.s. darling family you have there!

nicole hatfield said...


geri e. said...

what a good idea! looks like an amazing little getaway—sometimes that's exactly what the doc ordered.
oh! and i read a comment above.... you're a trainer? at a gym? do i even know you at all? no wonder you don't look like you ever had a handsome little bebe. it's all making sense now...