D-Man's Shout Out

So, last week I took Dallin into his 18-month well-check doctors appointment. 
(Those are always fun)
While waiting for the doctor, the nurse always goes through a list of 
questions to make sure Dallins up to speed.
One of the questions she asked was if Dallin could speak in full sentences.. 
Uhh, no, I said, all worried.
Then she asked if he could say up to 10 words..
Umm, probably.
Wondering to myself if hand gestures count.
Oh great, I thought to myself as we left our appointment..
We've got some work to do.

So here you go, nurse, from the doctors office.. here's your full sentence..
Well, sort of.



Alisha said...

That is hilarious!!

Ashley Sullenger said...

hahaha Oh man, I remember leaving that appointment feeling the same way. Preslee only signed, there were days when I didn't even here her make a sound.

I love the video!!! he's so cute.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Rebecca, Thank you for visiting my blog, and the nice comments! You are gorgeous, and have a beautiful family! Best of luck with the floater frames. Please let me know if I can be of any help!

Southwicks said...

Becs! The D-ster is so cute and super cool! Best Video and story hands down! Hope your little fam is well!

barrett said...